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 Keana Skyhearts characters

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Keana Skyheart

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PostSubject: Keana Skyhearts characters   Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:52 am

name: Analla'na (Ay-na-la-nay)
age: looks to be 25 but is
sex: female
Race: Roca (row-ka) Shifter/mage
alliance: Syn’sol
Powers: Shifting into anything that she wanted to that is in/of/and beyond the world but with limitations.
History/personal information: Having lived alone in the woods of Syn’sol that also border the lands of the Ronso’s. Protecting the woods and that which lives in it is her only way of life. Part of a group called Shifters of Syn, to whom she is the only shifter that is also a mage. She has been in the woods most of her life and on her own except for when she meets the other shifters. Taught at a very young age, Shifters were to stay in the woods to protect it from the darkness that comes from Adora’luna. It didn’t mean that she never wanted to go out and see what else she could do for Syn’sol.

name: Kai'len
age: 22
sex: female
Race: hume/merc
alliance: neutral
Powers: healing and very inhuman stealth
History/personal information: She has been a free agent basically and one to really not piss off. Her family was killed when she was five and been alone ever since. Living in a small town she has kept quiet and not easy to be found since she can slip in and out of any place in a hurry.

name: Eroxa
age: unknown
sex: male
Race: Shifter
alliance: Ador'luna
Powers: able to shift into anything
History/personal information: Will use any means he sees fit to seduce, fight or kill. Uncaring to anything but himself. He seeks only one thing and so far has been unable to get it.
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Keana Skyhearts characters
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