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 Jeff's Characters

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Jeff W

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PostSubject: Jeff's Characters   Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:05 pm

name: Se'Gandu zac Netatoy
age: young, Rarely speaks of it
sex: Male
Race: Bangaa
Alliance: None - Merc
Powers: Bangaa Senses, physical conditioning, and Mercenary experience

Gear: Steampunk-ish Lever-action rifle, Two-pronged Katar built around Tesla coils, Steampunk-ish Goggles, Leather armor covered in small Tesla coils.

History/personal information:  He, like many other Bangaa near the waste, Got by savaging the sands in search of a doomed vessel or caravan to pick clean and sell later. Once in a while he would also complete contracts for mercenary acts, which may or may not pay well. However It was during on such venture into the desert that He had found someplace strange. He does not speak of it, but the tavern rumor is that he found a place of ancient relics. Luckily for him, Adora'luna does not act on rumors....
But for Now, if you want something done or someone taken care of, Se'Gandu is the best Bangaa in the Business

Looks: One of the Taller of the race, Se'Gandu's Black and gray mottled Hide can be easy to spot, but his strange copper and leather gear is a dead give away.

Name: Kodak Palebeir
age: entering middle aged
race: Ursarian
alliance: The Beast Sands
powers: Ursarian Strength and Combat training, alchemical knowledge and basic tools.

Gear; Ursarian militia armor, steel axe, steel shield, One grappling hook on a thirty foot chain.

History/ Personal Info: With the Ursarian defeat fresh on his mind, Kodak realizes that if they are to Survive, the Ursarians need a source of more military power. He seeks to strike a great blow against the Adora'lunan forces on behalf of his fallen brethren.


Name; X3LE2T Sn 69431 (Xavier)
Age; Thousands of years
Race; Forgotten Tech. Android
Alliance: None
Powers: S.C.R.A.M Gun, Biologics medikit, repair kit, Scout drones, Emp generators, and other gadgets
Looks; Humanoid, with a Skyforge casing that has been painted white, black rubber at the joints and seams, the eyes are black camera lenses with a green torus shape light around the lenses and white Skyforge casings. Its right arm and unfold into the scram rail form, and there is a bio-med kit in his abdominal cavity.

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Jeff's Characters
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