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 Dal Garrithan's Characters

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Dal Garrithan
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PostSubject: Dal Garrithan's Characters   Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:56 am

*Pending approval from the Powers that Be, much of this information is based upon information that shall be posted soon.*

Name: Dal Garrithan-
Age: looks to be around early 50's
Race: Hume
Alliance: None
Powers: None to Speak of
Friendship Preferences: Tired of Governments, Tyrants, Extremes; Prefers peaceful balance as opposed to extreme order or chaos.

Appearance: standing roughly six feet, Dal is a well muscled man of pale complexion with shoulder-length, salt and pepper hair. His working eye (left) is pale gray, the other looking as if it had been ripped out in a previous engagement. Though he is mostly seen donning his robes of office, if one listens carefully, the familiar "clink clink" of mail can be heard accompanying his movements. Seasoned, but by no means unfit, this scarred veteran has a ready smile accompanied by the bearing of a soldier who's seen too many battles.

Personal History Aging, but by no means faltering, Dal Garrithan did what few would deem worthy: led a great exodus across the Sand Sea into it's very heart. Tired of politics and fighting for causes not his own, Dal led some 5,000 followers (Ex-soldiers under his command and their families), across the desert to the Island of Kalrak. Surrounded by a perpetual sandstorm, the Island he landed on, Kalrak, was a land locked away from the rest of the world, though by no means out of touch with it. Making peace with the elfin Krio'Phan and the Felinoid LaKyrrrh, he established a place of refuge for those disillusioned with both Order and Chaos, seeking to live a life free of the bonds each of these orders impose, promoting what the locals call "true balance" or "one with the Shadow." A Hume, Dal stands, roughly, 6 feet in height, with shoulder length salt and pepper hair. He is missing his right eye and bears the scars of many battles, and his often placid demeanor is off-set by a soldier's stance. Trading the soldier's uniform for diplomatic robes, he has, for a decade, been focused on his own country's problems. With recent events, and the Krio'Phan concerned about the balance of the world, Kalrak can no longer remain locked off from the rest of the world; when the time is right, Dal shall lead Kalrak and its people to do what must be done to preserve the balance.
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Dal Garrithan's Characters
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