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 Mycroft's Characters

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PostSubject: Mycroft's Characters   Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:10 am

Names: Anya and Rahm
Age: Between 18 and 20. Anya is honestly not sure.
Sex: Anya is female. Rahm is sexless but is attributed to be male.
Race: born Mac’tire (possession by a spirit created unique hybrid body.
Alliance: Birthsands/Syn’sol
Powers: Physical strength and dexterity, mental acuity, blistering wit.
History/personal information:
Anya was born in the Birthsands, to a nomadic tribe called the Jalle. These peaceful people traversed and worshipped a large forested mountain in the northern part of the Birthsands. This mountain was home to and protected by Rache, a powerful earthen wolf spirit and his pack. When the spirit was blessed with twin sons, unrest began to brew on the mountain. One son, Rayne, was strong, fit, a perfect specimen. The other, Rahm, was smaller, timid and weak. Rayne bullied and abused his brother, believing him unfit to be their father’s kin. Rahm was finally pushed too far and left to die in a clearing by his own brother. It is there in that innocent clearing that the story really begins.

A young girl, the daughter of the Jalle’s Shaman and his priestess wife, was picking berries and happened upon the fast fading Rahm. As any child would, she took pity on the dying creature. Her inherent spiritual power grew with her sorrow and empathy for Rahm and offered him new life in her. Both being too young to understand the consequences, Rahm was welcomed into Anya’s mortal flesh and inhabited her. Her features became transformed; intricate, organic stone patterns bloomed upon her flesh, and her hair turned brown and green. Her once blue eyes became bright yellow and a third eye made of stone and topaz appeared in her forehead. She was found unconscious by her tribesman hours later. Rache, furious with Rayne for almost killing his kin and furious with Rahm for seeking aid from a mortal, banished the Jalle from his mountain and into the harsh desert. Anya and Rahm grew together, hated and feared by the tribe, until custom deemed she was old enough to leave. She was put on a caravan to the capital and the Jalle were welcomed back to the mountain. In the capital, Anya and Rahm lived a singular existence, sharing a body and the life of a vagabond.

Anya has a reputation for insanity stemming from her conversations with Rahm, who lives as a separate mind inside her own. Only those with a strong spiritual connection can hear Rahm when he speaks, and to those that do hear him, his voice seems to come from nowhere, as Anya’s mouth has no need to move. Anya and Rahm spend most of their time in Anya’s relatively non-startling form. Rahm’s form, in which he is in control and Anya is reduced to a secondary voice, is that of a horse-sized, skinny wolf, bearing the same stone patterns Anya does.

A cocky, streetwise girl, Anya is used to being the underdog and fighting to survive. She’s an excellent tracker and climber, having escaped many times from angry shop owners, angry mothers and angry gardeners. She’s lewd and a bit promiscuous, but she is held in check by Rahm’s calming influence and his unwillingness to watch her get it on. Anya will try anything once, making up for a sorrowful and angry childhood by filling her life with risk and adventure. Anya has told no one outside her tribe of Rahm’s existence, preferring the reputation of a schizophrenic. She believes Rahm is the best thing that ever happened to her and loves him dearly.

Rahm is a calm, sarcastic counterpoint to Anya’s blunt enthusiasm. He sees the world from the topaz eye, and because he lacks control, is calm and analytical in a fight giving Anya a blow-by-blow account of where all her opponents are. Anya does the same for him when his form is dominant. Even though they share the same body They can both focus on different things at once. Rahm is very watchful and alert at all times and has a great analytical mind. He is much more timid that Anya, but this just makes them a prefect team. He seems emotionless at times, but this cold veneer protects him. Only Anya knows how deep his emotions truly run.


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Mycroft's Characters
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