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 Syn'Sol Military Generals

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PostSubject: Syn'Sol Military Generals   Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:59 am

Name: Grand WarMaster Mythias Kinnear
Race: Hume 'godborn' (has white wings)
alliance: Syn'sol
Powers: mastery of spellcasting
History/personal information: Master Mythias was born into an important family. revered as a 'godborn' or one born in Syntarin's Image. mythias was quick to learn both sword and magic at an early age, excelling in anything he tried he soon ventured to the grand magi libraium in the capital of the kingdom. it was here that he began his persuit in politics and to this day works on the grand council of Syn'sol upholding Syntarins will as its Grand Warmaster.

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Syn'Sol Military Generals
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