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 Genesis War Tutorial and Primer

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PostSubject: Genesis War Tutorial and Primer   Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:00 am

Welcome to the Genesis War tutorial and primer

the story of The Genesis War takes place on a fictional planet known as Tels'vena
a land split apart by war and civil unrest.

In this forum roleplay you take the role of a citizen in this conflict. Choosing a side or just exploring the world around you. Making alliances or finding love, the possibilities are endless which brings us to the unique nature of the Genesis War's roleplaying style

the world is yours to shape and create

meaning that if you have an idea and can explain it within the setting then you can create as much content as you desire within the world. Towns, characters, races, plants, animals, elements, and powers are just some of the things you can take advantage of while playing in the genesis war.

How do we balance such freedom of imagination? Collaboration of course! When new elements in the world are introduced the community comes together to embrace or discard new creations and in the case of the living/evolving story this is how the story is pushed forward. A constant dialogue is in progress via social networking such as skype or forum Private messages. Not to create a competitive environment there is also no “dice roles” and instead stories are logic based and battles are intense tests of will and writing to create interesting events all over the world of tels'vena. Compromise is key and fostering a collaborative relationship with the other players tends to create the best result with this system.

Ex. player A creates a bear style race and develops their society and rules in the Tels'Vena Codex (the official world building location on the forum) after some time player B is leading a large scale push into player A's territory. Together they work out that the bear race is almost killed off but the few that survive are given a motivation to join in a war they had no part in. thus creating a richer storyline.

In the interest of keeping a steady story going there will be three main 'quest' paths all of which will interlink with any player made questing or story lines. Will you choose to save Tels'vena from the brink of ruin, Tear it down to its foundations? Or will you open up a shop and live out the daily lives of the common folk in a capital city. The world is as big as you decide to make it.


Long ago a dirge was sounded that shook all of existence to its core. When the dust settled the forgefather Syntarin set to work to on creating a world that would not fall pray to the mistakes of the past, but all was not well and in the darkness of the aether survived a dark seed that struck at the creation in Syntarin's forge. Thus splitting it into halves of light and darkness. With a trained eye the forgefather knew that a balance was needed if the dirge was to be avoided and so he named this world Tels'vena...

centuries have passed and the world has settled as three great nations stand tall to lead the inhabitants of Tels'vena onward into the future. The Kingdom of Syn'Sol briming with forests and the air tense with magic in the nothern hemisphere of the apple cored planet, in the south rises the empire of glass and steel Adora'luna, a technological society built on excess and violent brutality. And lastly the central pillar is home to the vast desert known as the Birthsands, the origin of all things and the home to the beast tribes. Each has a stake in the battles to come yet none know what the outcome might bring....or that a greater darkness is just beyond the horizon.

To read more on each faction please visit:

and for any ideas for a character race or more information visit the Tels'Vena Codex section of the website OR for quick Character creation tips go here:

Bios are listed as such:

Powers: (if any)
History/personal information:

((note that if you create a unique race adding a codex entry into the correct region of the world would be awesome and much appreciated by other players that want to know more about them and the governing rules of playing that race ^^))

as always any other questions can be directed at Syntarin or Ark Skyheart via PM or Skype!


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Genesis War Tutorial and Primer
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