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 Lena Skyheart's Character Bio's (( Updated ))

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PostSubject: Lena Skyheart's Character Bio's (( Updated ))   Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:43 am

name: Emily Skyheart
age: unknown
sex: female
Race: Hume
alliance: Syn’sol
Powers: ArcMage/ Healer
Job/ Profession: Works as border patrol and other miscellaneous jobs
History/personal information: Emily is the younger sister to Lena. Emily managed to survive the Great Awakening and has started her new life in Syn’sol with the only other survivor of her past, Arky.

name: Gwendalyne (Gwen) O’Malley/ Lena Skyheart
age: unknown
sex: female
Race: Hume
alliance: Birthsands
Powers: Fire Mage/ warrior
Job/ Profession: Hunter/ butcher.
History/personal information: Lena is the older sister to Emily, wife to Ark. With her soul ripped from her previous body, she was left to wander in the void until she awoken into the body of Gwendalyne. Born from the womb of a farmer’s wife in one of Syn’sols smaller farming villages, Gwen was wise beyond her years and had a warrior’s instincts, no doubt lingering memories of Lena.


name: Sonja Savage
age: 2600
sex: female
Race: AbyssalBorn
alliance: Adora’luna
Powers: Alchemy-Fire/ Shifter
Job/ Profession:
History/personal information: Sonja was born on the surface of Adora’luna to a mid-level Aristocratic family. After looking upon Sonja, the husband deciding the demon-kin to be an abomination and something he surely couldn’t have sired, sentenced his wife to death for adultery and threw Sonja to the depths of the Abyss the very night she was born. Sonja was saved only by the deep depths of the lake she had landed in. Washing upon the shore, she cried with a fiery rage until a passerby picked her up and raised her as one of their own.


Name: Dahlia
Age: 180
Race: Ungulataur
Alliance: Syn'sol-Birthsand
Power: Necromancy
Job/ Profession: Adventurer/ Herbal collector for Belinda.
History: Dahlia was always a strange and unusual filly even by her sire's standards. She kept mostly to herself, adventuring off into the forest from time to time to spy on the elders. During her training it became quite obvious early on that she had her father's talent for necromancy (see race codex for green Druid Ungulataur) and her first mission after her coming of age ceremony was to create her first minion/ familiar.

Looks: The tribal markings of her race are not only aesthetic but are a source of summoning power (glowing). Has Elk-like horns.


Minion Transformation:


Name: Belinda Averna
Race: Hume
Alliance: Syn'sol- Birthsands
Power: Druid Sorcery
Job/ Profession: Herbalist/ Apothecary store keeper
History: Child of the new world, born knowing of the strife between the two powers grew up playing in Syn'sol's Librarium finding the vast knowledge and elemental magnatism facinating. However because of her 'condition' she has always considered the outskirts and natural wildnerness of the birthsands home. Belinda's first friend was Dahlia.


Name: Arielle
Age: 25
Race: Hume
Alliance: Syn'sol- Birthsands
Power: Beast taming/ healing
Job/ Profession: Beast Doctor
History: She doesn't remember much of her childhood or chooses not to remember, and she doesn't like to speak about the topic either. She studied in Syn'sol to hone in her natural abilities (though its unknown where her magical abilities come from).  She spends most of her time traveling from the birthsand villages (those willing to allow her to pass) and Syn'sol. She has developed a business relationship with Belinda, often relying on her home made potions.


name: "Lena" Skyheart
age: N/A
Race: Hume- shifter
alliance: Syn'sol
Powers: shapshifting (sabertooth- feline)
History/personal information: living in the countryside of syn'sol with Ark.

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Lena Skyheart's Character Bio's (( Updated ))
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