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 Character Creation Tips

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PostSubject: Character Creation Tips   Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:17 pm

Hey there and welcome to the Official Reboot of "The Genesis War" we've got alot of new players and alot of people returning so I'm putting together this guide to help you through the daunting task of character creation in the GaH universe! let's get started shall we?

first off lets choose your faction, this helps you decide the races, and type of character you'll want to play. in Tels'vena there are 3 factions fighting for dominance and survival in the Genesis war. these factions can be read about here in detail:

but if your more interested in getting a quick overview here you go:

Syn'Sol: kingdom of light and home to believers of the Forge Father Syntarin. you'll want to chose these guys if you plan to play a character in the good alignment, as they are the 'good guys' they use magic and care about the land while also maintaining a vast military. good to a fault they can sometimes seem pushy in terms of ideals. they are made up of many different races that are aligned with the light as well as being apart of the southern hemisphere of tels'vena their kingdom is always bathed in light.

The Birthsands: home of the Beastmen and the proposed origin of most walks of life in tels'vena. the birthsands is situated on the vast pillar that brides the two hemispheres. while mostly desert it is home to a wide variety of locations and biospheres. you'll want to chose here as your faction if your more of a neutral survivor type. while not really on either side they wish the end to conflict and may during the war turn to which ever side will end the war. ruled by dragons these guys have the most freedom of ideals.

Adora'luna: the dark northern hemisphere empire of shadows. like a monochrome wasteland of broken technology and high tech cities. adora'lunians know nothing of the light of day and have embraced technology over magic. while in the Evil alignment they uphold many ideals and the belief in ones power of one's own fate is paramount here. cruel and powerful most adora'lunians have almost overzealot devotion to the will of their emperor and with the might of technology they wish to see the world brought to its knees.

OK got your faction in mind? now you need to decide on Race. not to limit anyone you have full reign to create your own race as long as it fits within the setting of the game. if you need some examples or places to post your own race you may find them in the Tels'vena atlas, but for now here are some links:

Birthsands Race Codex:

Adora'Luna Race Codex:

Syn'Sol Race Codex:

Adora'luna and Syn'sol both share 'Hume' (humans) and Celestial's are pretty much the only off limits race.

Ok so you've chosen a race? good! occupation and history are entirely up to you but might I suggest going into the Atlas and looking up some locations to get a feel for the type of places you'd have visited or where you'd like to come from. once again like races, location are entirely player generated so if you can't find an origin then make one! writing up a codex entry helps flesh out the world and is highly encouraged in GaH.

Once again some more links:

Syn'sol locals:

Birthsands locals:

Adora'luna Locals:

still with me?! OK next is the Bio's chart, I recommend creating a thread in the Bio's area and listing all your characters there. don't be afraid to create as many as you want as its a big world. I hope this has helped in creating a character in this world. i know its alot of reading/work but GaH is unlike anything out there and if you give it a little time you might walk away with a legend to tell.

Bio's threads:

Powers: (if any)
History/personal information:

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Character Creation Tips
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