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 Grandia Historia: Gah 1-5

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PostSubject: Grandia Historia: Gah 1-5   Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:33 am

Grandia Historia
A Short Summary of GaH 1-5

note: this RP has been going off and on since I was around 15, in order to understand the events of GaH 6 and the gravity of certain characters that may be mentioned or encountered this primer will give you a basic understanding of the events that lead up to "The Genesis War" and the roles you may want to play in your own grand history. - Mike P.S. i know alot of this sounds lame/feels like a hambeasto fan fiction but bear with me its important!


in a world beyond the human realm ruled the celestials. A fair race of aristocratic Winged angelic beings who knew the unbridled power of a god-like excistance. among-st the higher echelons of celestial society stood a single voice against the aristocratic rule of his celestial brethren. his name was Athurin Skyheart rebelling against a society flawed with vanity and cruelty Athurin began a civil war that would tear up the very foundations of the Celestial realm forever.

Enter Helena, like athurin she stood apart from her kind and called to his tormented heart and calmed his fury. ruling together over the remnants of their culture, Helena bore Athurin a child "Ark Skyheart". raising the boy to be a warrior Athurin imparted to him magics and ancient secrets of their people unknowing that his downfall was lurking in the people he had left alive. on the night Ark was to come of age his mother was brutally murdered, awakening to his own blood stained hands he blamed himself and fled into the void of creation to escape the law of the celestial court for the murder of their Queen.

Ark would wander the darkness of creation until he found himself in a dark forest that never ended, in its depths he encountered the Forest Witch Lovleth. in his madness he fell for the mysterious witch, who in kind wove intricate spells and webs of lies that sent him spiraling into an insanity from which there was little chance of escape. centuries passed in a blink of an eye and in a moment of clarity Ark used one of the ancient spells his father had imparted to him to escape the clutches of the forest witch.

broken and drifting in and out of reality Ark would find himself on earth, the realm of humanity. now little more than a wild beast he would attack a woman in the streets and much like the forest witch before him he would ravage her body and leave her for dead before his senses would return long enough to help him feel the pain of his actions. wandering the human world would lead ark to the beginning of our Story, to a doorstep and a girl who was running from an insane ringleader.

Gah I

Ark Skyheart would see the woman running through the empty streets late that fateful night. would she be different? could he be different? appearing before her he would introduce himself. it had been years since he had felt the dark pull of madness and now he wished only to make up for sins he had commited in his insanity. the woman had introduced herself as "Lena O'Malley" a shapeshifter who had escaped from a circus run by an man who bought and sold exotic 'animals' like her. Promising her a safe refuge Ark would take her to a pocket reality (the result of his dwindling magical ablity) known as 'The Valley'

inside the valley Ark had constructed a cabin with everything you could need. and for a moment ark felt the lull of a normal life. but all was not perfect in paradise. Lena would confess to Ark that her younger sister "Emily" was still in the clutches of the ringleader and if he could save her then she would stay with him in this world he'd built for himself. seeing no reason not to help her Ark would use his abilities to send the ringleader to a realm with nothing but fire where he would burn for eternity.

together the three new friends would grow closer, using more of his magic Ark would venture to other places with the two girls, learning from one disappearing cat the ability to create life he would create a clone of himself he dubbed Arky. a child version of himself he would become an insuperable partner to Emily.

without much warning ark would collapse, the expenditure of his magic causing his body to shut down. with a bond stronger than friendship lena would bring ark back and through her love fuel his magic eternally. now without restrictions ark would give Lena the ability of flight...all would seem happily ever after until...


the valley had a new visitor, something Ark thought impossible her name was Keana and she held a dark secret. joining the small house Keana would become the first refuge to wander in from the world beyond. settling in with the others her secret would lay dormant until...

Athurin would return. he would explain he was a manifestation from a prison realm in the void of creation. here to take Ark's then unborn son, as a key to his escape from the 'seals' that kept him locked in the darkness. killing lena and stealing the child Athurin would escape leaving Lena's desecrated corpse impaled on a bone spire at the center of the valley. with little choice ark would cremate her body and absorb a searing scar into his chest to remember her by.

as if misfortune came in with the tide Keana would reveal that Ark had a daughter, named Kiara. Keana would then reveal that she was the woman he had raped and left to die all thoes years ago, over come with grief ark would apologize but thoes words fell on deaf ears as he was attacked by Kiara from the shadows.

vowing to make him pay for what he had done Kiara ruthlessly attacked Ark only to be joined by a mysterious boy named Adin who would then reveal to be his son, back from hell and here to inact athurin's vengence. accepting death Ark would submit to his wayward children. before the final blow was struck however Lena would return in a burst of fire and calm the two children down. for now there was an uneasy truce....and for now they were all alive.

GaH 3-4

months would pass in the valley as the small group of cabin dwellers lived in an uneasy peace. Ark would concentrate on making the cabin big enough for everyone by creating pocket dimensions connected to each door, that would lead to any room you wanted it to. Adin and Kiara would grow close as estranged half siblings they knew only that they had each others back, having grown up warriors and survivors they wouldn't be parted.

one day Ark would awaken to a familure presence. the children were gone. waking the others he would follow the presence to the edge of the valley and be met with a sight he had all but forgotten. the twisted Forest realm of the witch Lovelth stretched out before them.

venturing into its depths he would be lured deeper by the promises from the witch. what he didn't know was that before his father had been seduced by the celestial Helena, Athurin had been in love with a poor girl named Adina, desperate for his love Adina had sworn to do anything for him, including having a child. when athurin had discovered Helena he had chosen to ruin Adora's ability to create life and casting her violated body into the forest realm had damned her to madness. now she wished only for skyheart seed to fill the hole in her excistance.

thus revealing herself the girl Adora would then become the witch lovelth. being little match against the entire cabin crew Lovelth would use the last of her strength to summon Athurin from his prison. summoning all of their collective strength they would fight the celestial athurin but during the fight adin would be mortally wounded by Ark in an out of control attack. in retaliation Kiara would turn and use her latent powers to kill Ark. having nothing to keep their reality from collapsing with his death everyone would be cast into the void of creation...lost.

GaH V: The Dirge of the Angels

the first dimension to reconstitute would be the valley and the cabin. everyone would awaken inside in one piece. Ark was a shattered shell of his former self. walking outside they would all be greeted with a city street just at the opening to the valley, all around skyscrapers would tower into the skies, the valley had reconstituted in the human realm!

Ark would then explain that he was a guardian, or key of sorts to realities and dimensions with the abilities to create and destroy them at will, as an explanation to his powers. with his death the realities had fallen like rain into the human realm intermixing with the landscape releasing any manner of beasts into the population. with his father released the generals that had called him master during his assault on the celestial realm would be coming to raze the humans and that they were now the only ones standing between the masters of darkness and void and the death of humanity.

not to be without help two visitors would find the cabin. the first was a synthetic life form known as Xavier, created by the mad scientist Halconnen. Xavier had found sentience to be quite invigorating and was drawn to this cabin for then unknown reasons. it would later be revealed that Ark in his madness on earth had written the designs for Xavier for halconnen. the technology long lost to ark and hal, Xavier would be a one of a kind being of immense power and intelligence.

the other guest was unexpected to say the least, the self proclaimed god of all creation Syntarin. come down from his forge, he was there to fix the rifts in the world. knowing the coming danger the group set out to make right the wrongs that were preparing to tear their world apart. Syntarin took immediatly to repairing Keana's broken heart, the wayward pair of adin an Kiara went to discover how to return ark to his complete self, lena and xavier defended the valley from an army of cyborgs created by Halconnen.

chaos seemed rampant but the worst was yet to come, destroying the general twins promted Halconnen out of hiding which Xavier relished in bringing an end to his mad creator. the true master of the madness was revealed with Hal's death in Helena (ark's mother)

the true mistress of the night she had shown ark her true face that night so long ago, his father athurin had found them and struck her down before he could explain ark had run into the void of creation, taking the fall for his son athurin had been imprisoned leaving Helena's madness to manifest into a demon known as Ragnarok. Ark felt her presence and the world would shudder as the harbinger of chaos neared their valley.

not to soon the children would return with the pieaces of ark's soul to complete him and bring him back to his full power. but even that would not prove to be enough as the cabin would be attacked by their old enemy set free from her forest prison, Lovelth. filled with rage and power Ark would set into his final combat with the forest witch nearly killing her if not for Syntarin's intervention. laying broken and bleeding the witch protested against the god who she felt had abandoned her. with a single act he would bend her broken body and return to her the gift she so desperately sought after ' the ability to create life' the pain mended Lovelth would abandon her witch name and become adora once more.

no sooner had Adora been healed then did Lena die, this time for good. her soul torn from her and thrust into the void. ark now at his maximum strength took into darkness and tipped himself slightly into the madness that he had known for so long. the final battle was upon them and without time to grieve Ark would turn to his friend Syntarin as Helena's presence engulfed the valley.

without a body helena was a seeping darkness that controlled and manipulated. the first to fall was Adin skyheart. turning on his family it would take everything ark and Syntarin had to subdue the unbridled fury of the half celestial Adin. drawing out 'ragnarok' and using ark's ablity to create realities the two would unleash the aspect of chaos in its true form in a world of darkness. Syntarin would unleash his god-form which would cause ark's mind to explode, immediately reshaping he would become a half deity and using this unlimited source of power he would craft armor from a million folded realities, and a sword made of countless dimensions to combat ragnarok.

fighting bravely the two would almost die before the beast was finally contained. turning to Syntarin, ark would relate that he would have to be the keeper of darkness and in doing so would take in ragnarok/helena's power into himself. leaving the dark realm (which was now a marble world of darkness) syntarin would entrust it to ark's care.

the battle was won or so they thought. but one titan remained and its approach heralded the end of everything. he was the aspect of time. the immortal dirge of all living things unleashed on the world. Cronos. a giant cyclops that turned all before him into dust so that the world might be remade. Ark and Syntarin knew they were the only ones who could face him and reluctantly the two rebuilt the cabin and placed everyone that remained in a stasis Xavier alone stood with them against the beast that met them in a whirlwind of sand and time.

the battle was over much to soon as Syntarin's mortal form on earth was killed in the battle. releasing his god-form on earth caused the immediate destruction of all life. as the planet exploded and ruptured Ark's armor would try to absorb the energy from the dieing cronos, with the power of a million realities being extinguished and exploding he would feel himself being torn apart in the death of the world. feeling this moment of weakness the demon ragnarok would seperate ark's soul from his body and take control of the remains. Xavier would survive but end up buried in the destruction of the world. Syntarin watched from his forge as his creation fell to the void.

taking up his hammer he would vow to not let this tragedy ever reoccur and with mighty strokes he would begin to remake a new world from the old. but something would meet his hammer in the remnants of the old world. a single object no bigger than a marble. the shadow orb that had contained the chaos and darkness Ark had created to contain chaos was unleashed on the new world tainting and breaking it apart. now complete the planet would be made of two sides with a solitary pillar in the center...this would be the new world...this would be Tels'Vena

I hope yall enjoyed that retelling of the events that lead up to GaH 6: the genesis war. i paraphrased a bit for thoes that were apart of the rp i apologize if i didn't include your favorite parts but this is just to set up the next rp! sooo until we awaken in tels'vena, may your nights be long and your days filled with hope
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Grandia Historia: Gah 1-5
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