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 GaH: The Breaking of the Seals

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PostSubject: GaH: The Breaking of the Seals   Thu May 26, 2011 5:16 am

{Note this story takes place between GaH IV: Children of Eden and GaH V: Dirge of the Angels}

“Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that?”-anon

In every History there are Heroes. The men and women that help shape the everyday into that of legend. Some names fade with time but their legacy continues on in every heart that beats in this world. It is these heroes that we pray to now. In our time of need, when all would seem lost, as the shadow of our death is cast across out futures. It is the heroes of the past we wish to become our saviors in the future.

Our tale begins in a field of wheat, nestled in a vast valley. The melodic sound of crashing water distantly echoed from the waterfall hidden within the surrounding forest. A man stood in this field, his chest bare and his golden hair swaying in the breeze. His eyes closed the man breathed a small sigh as his body relaxed. Wings slowly unfolding until they rested open. Their white and grey coloring shimmering in the morning sun.

Cupping his hand to his mouth he would blow air into it before slowly extending his arm and allowing the small ball of air to condense and bleed out against his fingers. Slowly the air would darken and shimmer with unnatural light before it seemed to grasp at his skin and fold. In only a moment he had a gauntlet that appeared to be made from Folding reality.

Stepping forward he would approach a massive bone spire that dominated the wheat field and reach into it with the gauntleted hand. The bone would twist and collapse into the gauntlet as if torn at by a black hole. Quickly the man would extract his hand and hold out the item he had reached in to obtain. He now held a small key, just as his father had said he would. The key to his home realm, The land of Celestia.

“ARRRKKK!” behind him a screen door slammed as a young girl came pounding out. Her dark brown hair bouncing as she ran through the field toward him. He would turn opening his eyes, the deep blue glow of his irises accented with a faint purple swirl. “yes Emily?” he would say vanishing the ancient key.

“Arky won’t share his books with me, I think they’re dirty books ark. Do something about it?!” she was only now reaching her mid teen’s but Emily was well beyond her years in maturity even if she had these childish moments. “ok Emily let me see what is happening” looking up ark would see his beautiful wife standing in the doorway to their cabin. Her hips cocked to one side as she watched him with a smile. He would smile and shake his head as he followed Emily back toward the house. Just another day in the Valley it seemed. Once he reached the door he would slip his arm around the woman and kiss her firmly on the lips. Their eyes lingering for a moment as words passed between them. Lena was the only one to understand him, and how much it had cost him to do what he had done to retrieve the key.

* * *

Inside Ark found Arky lounging on the sofa reading a Japanese manga. A well endowed woman held the majority of the cover. Shaking his head ark would deftly close the cover and look down on his semi-clone. “where do you even get these arky” ark would say closing his eyes. “you really have to ask that question?” arky would reply laughing vanishing the book into thin air. “yeah well you need to be more respectful. There are women in this household ya know” walking over to Lena he would smile once more.

“yeah yeah, you know if I find out your supplying him with that smut its your ass that’s getting fried” Lena gave him a suspicious glance a spatula held menacingly between them.

“hehe I get it relax its not me, he’s the little pervert” holding up his hands ark would walk upstairs and return the key to his hand. The cool white marble chilling his fingertips as he slid it into a door. The cabin was of a dimensional construction. Every door leading wherever you wanted it to go. Each room suspended in its own reality in case of attack. While making the best use of space given that each room could be as big as you wanted without restricting it to the size of the actual cabin. A useful system. In this case the key opened a way to somewhere Ark dearly wished to forget…his birth home.

Just as he reached for the door handle a hand touched his. “wait Ark” it was Kiara his daughter. Her faint purple black hair glimmered softly in the dim light. “you don’t have to do this alone you know” her eyes desperately searched his for acceptance. The events leading to this day still hanging above the two like a dark cloud. Keana, Kiara’s mother was still locked within her room refusing anything but food. “I have to do this Kiara…something is wrong with the world since you…look I need to go back and check the seals my father placed on my home, if they shatter then, our world is done” turning away from her he would turn the handle and vanish within the door’s Sealed Portal.

Kiara would slump to the floor as the door closed and cried. In a time that the world would never know, she had killed Ark and survived the collapse of their separate realities now the world of man was fracturing as Ark’s realities began to manifest within the real world. Skyscrapers were now visible at the boundaries of his valley. The weight of it all crushed at her heart…would he ever forgive her?

The bitter chill would wrap around Ark as he opened his eyes. The white walls of the room seemed to glow unnaturally. His footsteps echoed as he walked into the room properly. There was a bed, desk, and bookcase with a few books on it’s shelves. Everything was pure and simple. Not a single spec of dust. The only defining feature of the room was a dark stain of deep crimson across the bed. This was Ark’s room. The last room he had been in before falling from the celestial realm. “why would you bring me here father” he would say his voice choked with emotion. Before his collapse he had finally confronted his father, Athurin; Their battle costing him the life of his son Adin. In those moments of darkness he had warned him of this world. That it was still very much alive. Not the wasteland he believed it to be. Turning away from the stain he would open the door from which he had come and begin his search through the house for the Seal of Strength. One of six that held back the entire realm so that it could not escape it’s prison.

The house was much as he remembered it. A vast mansion with hundreds of identical passages and hallways. At the time of his birth his father had been an aristocratic Celestian, before starting the rebellion against the Hierarchal class system that would end with his Marriage to Helena Justborne. He knew he couldn’t tell anyone what he had done before his fall…he only vaguely remembered those days himself. Turning a corner he would find a solitary black door. The construction was different from the rest of the house. The edges seemed to twist at odd angles and pulse like a heartbeat.

“this must be it” Ark felt apprehension before placing his hand on the cold handle. Turning it he could feel several internal locks tumbling out of their respective positions. Taking a step back he could feel the intense hatred behind the thick door as it slowly swung open. Inside stood a single man. His back turned he was a mountain of muscle and power. Standing easily nine feet tall and built like a brick wall, the phrase “ipsa scientia potestas est” tattooed across his shoulder blades in swirling script. His head was topped with bronze hair, a short ponytail hung down his neck. His chest bare he wore a simple pair of cloth pants in a style ark had seen on Samurai or Kung Fu masters in the movies.

Turning the man’s face slowly became visible. His eyes gleamed a brilliant blue, seeming almost to glow in the dim light. a maddening grin stretched his features as he faced Ark. The two standing for a moment in silence. It was with varied measures of fear that kept Ark rooted to the spot. “So you are the one that would release me from my Prison. They told me that the greatest villain in our history would be the one, that a thousand glories would be my mantle and that the very skies would shake with the songs of my victory, if only to stand here guardian of the Seal of Strength, a small price but you are not who I am waiting for are you?” without any warning the huge man would pivot and thrust out his fist like a piston. Ark didn’t have time to react as he felt his ribs crack. The blow knocking him through the wall at his back. The punch hadn’t even connected only the immense pressure created by the motion.

“They call me Atlas the Titan. And today is a glorious day. We will fight in one on one combat and if you defeat me I shall give you that which you came for” towering Atlas would step through the hole in the wall with a bow. “But know boyo, I’ve been in that room for nearly five centuries, and I’m not going to settle for anything but glory”

Ark would scramble to his feet. A trickle of blood stained his teeth, with a wince his ribs would stitch back together. His abilities offered him few luxuries, fast but painful healing being one of them. Focusing more power to his fists ark would pivot into a fighting stance. “I’m not much different than you Atlas…I want to keep this world sealed” the hideous grin would return to Atlas’s face as he looked down on the small blonde man. “ya don’t get it do you? We would fight even if we were friends, I have waited for this for far to long to simply choose the diplomatic option” taking his own stance Atlas would hold his hands out palms forward

“Now come on Boyo, I’ve givin you one to show ya a bit of my strength now gemme one of yours” cracking his neck with a quick movement of his shoulders Atlas would stand ready. With little choice Ark would focus on opening the portals in reality over his fist. he would need to generate the force needed to touch this behemoth of a man and the power of a black hole could do just that.

“For glory then…” leaping up into the air Ark would send out his first punch the air literally tearing open with a sonic boom as his folded realities nullified any resistance air could have provided…

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GaH: The Breaking of the Seals
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