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 Silence (between Dirge and Genesis war)

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Jeff W

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PostSubject: Silence (between Dirge and Genesis war)   Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:38 pm

So that was it,...

.....thousands of years of history, culture, and civilization, Gone. Bad things began Happening, Chaos ensued and and Gods were Questioned; the Big Man with the tie just hit the 'reset' button, so here I am, Alone.
Alone, floating through Nothingness in a Network of caves the size of a city. Not very big, all things considered.
I was once the most advanced piece of technology on the Planet, Now I'm the only piece of technology....Could I even Rightfully Call myself that anymore? I am an Artifact, seeing how there probably isn't another Living thing left outside these Caves, Nor in. All that's left is a machine and a few Gods.
The problem is a God can keep themselves busy createing and governing Realms,...I can only stand around, and wait for something....

I am in luck, these caverns are part of a Iron mine, and there is suitable quartz formations for glass...At least I can do something....

...It's been a year, still nothing...I look out the many holes in this chunk of earth, all I see is the black of Non-existance. Worse is I have consumed this rock's resources. I now have a small Faucility for docking in the heart of this celestial body...Where I'll shut-down 'til someone reactivates my systems. My core charges faster than my systems can consume in standby, But I have solved such issue by building empty Batteries to dump excess power, that should work for a few hundred years...

...Those batteries are working well for this first 58 years, My subsystem reactived me to check on things...No new world yet,.though there is Solar light, so Syntarin must be starting things again. I'll see my old friend in due time....I'll disable that particular subsystem...
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Silence (between Dirge and Genesis war)
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