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 Gods, Demi gods, Old gods, Titans, and Deities

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PostSubject: Gods, Demi gods, Old gods, Titans, and Deities   Thu May 27, 2010 5:43 am

This is a collected list of Our universes Deities, Please give name, godly powers/Responsibilities, (creation if necessary), Alignment and picture if possible, remember you can make your own! just like I did (Syntarin) I consider Demi gods to be beings ethir born of a god or a being with God power (Emperor/Possibly even X by this point) Old gods are those who have existed since the Forge gods Gods are those created recently through faith of the new world Titans are those who created the old gods. and Deities are more so the Spirits of belief and what have you, they lack a Physical form.
Gods of the Forge (original 5)(([H] means their powers/Responsibilites are now apart of the hammer and Syntarin))
Old god
Name: Syntarin(Sin-tar-in)1
Powers (without hammer):Life,Space,Time,Knowledge,Love,Dimension


Old god
Name: Sulfras(Sull-Frass)((Deceased))2[H]
Powers: Fire,Heat,"Hearth"

History: She was Syntarins Wife, one day as the powers of fire usually are her desire to consume and grow had overwhelmed her causing her to devour the other gods of the forge, eventually she was stopped and turned to a hammer by Syntarins hand.

Old God
Name: Broxxigus (Broxx Eh gus)3((Deceased))[H]
Powers: Metal,Stone,Engineering,Architecture

Alignment: Neutral good

Old god
Name: Teranon (tear anon)4((Deceased))[H]
Powers: Pressure, Strength, Battle, Bloodshed, Lust, Brutality

Alignment: Chaotic-Evil

Old God
Name: Sidalia (Sid all E uh)((Deceased))[H]
Powers: Honor, Spirits of the dead, Compassion, Forgiveness, Fortitude

Alignment: Lawful-Good

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Gods, Demi gods, Old gods, Titans, and Deities
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