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 Resources of Tels'Vena

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Jeff W

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PostSubject: Resources of Tels'Vena   Sun May 23, 2010 10:30 pm

The unusual construction of the planet allows for valuable and useful materials to develop in both Mines and Floes.

Mines are a classical way to obtain materials in Syn'sol. People dig into the ground and pull veins of metals and gems apart to bring to the Surface.

Floes are areas where the veins of material are forced to the surface, either from seismic activities, Severe weather patterns or sometimes of natural occurrence such as the massive Grey iron Floe of Adora'luna.

Copper -Base Element- a Yellow-brown metal with high conductivity, used as currency.
Silver -Base Element- a white, reflective Metal valued for its appearance
Gold -Base element- A glossy yellow metal with near perfect conductivity, and high Malleability.
Iron -Base Element- A dull gray metal with high tensile and compressive strength.
Stygian Iron -Alloy- an Iron blend created by Styg, Known for high resistance to corrosion, used as currency
Grey Iron -Alloy- A naturally occurring Iron alloy which has low conductivity for heat
Teal -alloy- a mixture of silver and zinc, once heated will a shiny blue then return to white when cool.
Skyforge -Fission metal- Please Refer to article 17b, "Adora'lunan study of Skyforge samples"

Granite - A specular stone that is high in silica, Volcanic, used for currency
Sandstone - Stone formed from silt compressing and re-forming in sturdy layers, sedentary, used for currency.
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Matt Damon

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PostSubject: Re: Resources of Tels'Vena   Thu May 27, 2010 4:52 am

Dragon steel-In its "ore" form it is a by product of Silver dragons, this flawless ore is found in their Stomachs and can only be willingly given once put through its "forging process" the steel cannot be destroyed by anything less then a gods power.

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Resources of Tels'Vena
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