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 origins of Xavier

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Jeff W

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PostSubject: origins of Xavier   Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:36 pm

Bright Blue lights illuminate a dark room. everything insight of this cavernous room is a sterile white, turned to a dusky azure. In the center, a table with mechanical arms hailing the ceiling with a body slumped onto. the body was humanoid, other than a lack of skin, in its place a metallic sheen is prodominate. A short man stands near it with four others, Masked and disguised by goggles, but the short man is shirtless. Many scars and burns from the years' work into a finalation at this stage. his lack of hair reveils his potatoe-like head, and his oversized goggles imprint themselves into bone.
Many say he's lost his mind long ago.
On the table is a pinnicle to human technology, a fully functional and independant android, build for war and masteries. Hidden weapons draw hidden efficiency.
"NotLongNow,YouWillHaveAllYouNeedToDestoyTheSkyheartClan!" the short one said in a squeaky voice. he connects the last of the wires and the android is shipped off.

The monitors are red, the manual override failed. "Noooooo!WhatHasHappened,WhyIsItNotResponding?!" the short one bellowed in distress, one of coated men laughs as he removes his mask and goggles; rising Horror invades the short one as this man's Steel gray eyes and crooked smile appear.
"DamnYouRousse!IKnewYouMightHadSomethingToDoWithThis!" the short one screamed. Rousse slowed his humors, "Why, where Credit is due, You Have doomed yourself not sharing the rights with us. You have More to fear than you now realize, Hal Conen! That Droid has the last Of my unshared technologies, the very thing you will kill me over - The Key to other realms.
Rousse drew a Pistol, but Hal was by far faster to Draw and fire His Shotgun, turning the man into little more than pink mist. Disgusting spiral patterns coat the floor, as Rousse's Brains Cherry-pie the Counsle beyond. The other coated men Run in fear,...they don't get far.....
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origins of Xavier
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