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 Dark Days Are Coming: A light Novel

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PostSubject: Dark Days Are Coming: A light Novel   Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:01 am

::Dark Days are Coming::
Written by Michael Owens

Chapter I: Day dreaming

OK, so you know how when you have a nightmare and you sometimes go between being awake and it all being a dream? Well that’s how it is for James Newburg, except he always dreams, shifting between the waking world and a unusual place simply known as the Darkness. James soon learns that if he wants to survive he’ll need to learn to walk in both worlds and fight to escape the twisting reality, but what will he do knowing that dark days are on the horizon…

James would shift uneasily in his chair, the memories of the previous night flashing in his head. sleep was never normal anymore...sleep took him to dark places...slowly his head would bob as sleep overtook him, flashes of the dark world over lapping with our own with each flutter of his wouldn't be long before the darkness became his world...

Bolting up James would be sitting in a gray drab room, the desk he sat at dirty and covered in grime, not again, he would tell himself as he looked himself over. The scratches and cuts from his last visit etching their way across his skin...great, damage was relative to the realm he was in...Darkness came with its own scars

Reaching into his jacket pocket he would produce the long dark metal dagger. Something he had found in his first trip to this bizarre parody of our world. The blade was pitch black in color, the handle comprised of a organic bone, shifting, and shaping to conform to his grip. Pulsing with its own thoughts and Giving the blade a squeeze he would think to himself

"Shut up...your already creeping me out"

Walking down the row of desks James would make his way to the front of the class, out of the corner of his eyes he could see them. the residence of this place. he called them in-betweens, creatures who could never be in one place or another, always between seeing them and not seeing them....being and not being...but ultimately no harm to him. Reaching the door to the classroom he would press his ear to it. that wasn't an in-between, outside he could hear the growls of the Lost Dogs, naked diseased men with the head of a violent dog. They would wander the city finding anyone unfortunate enough to slip through the cracks like himself...watchdogs...great

Hearing the growls fade off he would open the door and look outside, only to be too late to backup into the room before the lost dog pulled him out by the collar of his jacket, the slobbering twisting head of the dog spraying saliva everywhere. Looking up James would bite back terror


As if on its own his arm would launch up the knife digging into the chest of the lost dog and burying itself deep, blood would jut out of the wound, cascading in a torrent of crimson red all over the perfectly white walls of the school building.

"Shit shit!" James would say grabbing his arm and pulling it back. More blood jutting out as the blade changed shape so that it was now serrated, meat and bone chips flying out as he finally removed the blade and ran.

It wasn't long before he heard the howls, they were coming. Looking over his shoulder James could see the lost dogs chasing him, running on all fours like a gorilla, growling and barking. Their eyes glowing like the moon in the dark hallways.

Then everything was normal. He was standing in the hallway, bright and bustling as students went to their next class. Looking down the blade was gone and he wasn't covered in blood....

"What the fuck was that"

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Dark Days Are Coming: A light Novel
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