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 Birthsands Race Codex

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Ark Skyheart
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PostSubject: Birthsands Race Codex   Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:06 am

Race Codex------------------------Beastmen entry I

Name: Tigris (Tiger Anthro)

Classification: Warrior Cast

Standard Lifespan: 240-320years old

Region: The Wellspring Rainforest (visit geography Codex)

Racial Traits: Agile and extremely strong, high magical index found in females of the race

Racial Crafting preference: Blacksmithing, and Herbalism

The Tigris warriors of the Wellspring Rainforest are known throughout the Birthsands as fierce and agile combatants. The Tigris Tribes are known to be severely loyal to the royal casts of the Birthsands Tribes, Often having them placed in a bodyguard role. As a whole the Tigris people are welcoming of others ideas, but ready to defend their own, this is especially evident in times of war when the strategist in this race is at its brightest. It is said that for every one Tigris general on the battlefield one thousand men will fall.

The females of the Tigris race are commonly found in Magika Librarium Schools undertaking fierce training as combat magi. More agile than their male counterparts Female Tigris acolytes are weaker in combat and thus opt to train to use magic and support abilities for their warrior husbands and sons. Not to be completely singled out, out of a few generations a strong female Tigris will raise to become a full fledged warrior. These few women are sought after by the men in the tribe and more often than not she chooses more than one mate in the pride.

Living a mostly Amazonian lifestyle these warriors of the Wellspring build contained tribes in the dense rainforest that rests between the Syn’Sol boarder and the Sandsea of Dirac. Every year during the hot summer months the 4 tribes of the Tigris join together to train the newborn cubs and defend them from the more vicious of the rainforests beasts, before finally splitting up in the winter to train their warriors in one of the four fighting styles created by this warrior society.

The Tigris Tribes are split into four schools of Combat.

The Keifist tribe, masters of Kerdalan, a fighting style without weapons, consisting of lighting fast martial arts and borderline berserker strength. Those who train under the Kerdalan are disciplined and leveled headed warriors. They are located just south of the waterfall that gives the forest its name “Wellspring”

The Servati tribe, masters of Fangorla, a fighting style that focuses on the brutality and grace of a well crafted Sword. These warriors train to wield a blade as an extension of themselves gaining almost unnatural understanding of swordplay and techniques that allow them to cut their way through even the strongest steel. These warriors are located in the deep Gorla Mountains that make up the dividing line between the sand sea and the forest.

The Mulgra tribe, masters of Reichdern, the combat style that centers on the powerful swings and strength of the Axe. Those of the Mulgra tribes are the largest of the tigris race and thus they have adapted normal axe wielding combat into an art form. Wielding massive weapons and cleaving several enemies in two is the goal of Reichdern. This tribe is located on the outskirts of the forest aiding syn’sol scouts in their patrols of the forests.

The Meija Tribe, Masters of Huljankin, the art of weaving magic and bow staff into a formidable force. These warriors are magi welcomed back from their respective librariums and thus the Meija tribe is made up of members from the three other tribes. These magi concentrate on combat with staff and support magics that can aid their brethren in battle. Located in a hidden cave they are the hardest to locate.


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Matt Damon

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PostSubject: Re: Birthsands Race Codex   Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:28 am

Race Codex------------------------Beastmen entry II

Name: Ursarinous (Urr-Sair-en-us)

Classification: Warrior-Shaman

Standard Lifespan: Warriors often die Young but Elder shamans have been recorded up to 400 years

Region: Nomadic along the Birthsands-Adora'luna borders, Meeting 2 times a year of all tribes In the Dark forest region. (Visit geography Codex)

Racial Traits: Immense Strength, Ability to go a long time on very little food, Deep Spiritual connections, strongest in females.

Racial Crafting: Leather working, Jewelry craft, (rare) Blacksmith

The Ursarinous Nomadic Tribes of the Birthsands are respected around the world for their Spiritual attunement it is said even if not devoted to a life of Shamanism(Fig A) a Ursarinous warrior can Bind a spirit to his weapons or jewelry adding specific traits to his or her fighting abilities, Each tribe Shares Individual fur colors and talents in their various arts and fighting styles. 2 times a year All tribes gather in the Dark forest these times are the winter and summer solstice, a time when the shamans strength are at their peaks.

These Meetings which have been come commonly known as hibernations take anywhere from a week to a month during this times Tribal disputes are settled. If the disputes are not able to be talked out then it comes down to a fight, each tribe picks their Champion and sends them into one on one combat to fight for the glory of their tribe, though these fights have been depicted as brutal beastial bouts this is not so, it is honorable combat between two great warriors to the winner goes the spoils, the victors tribe is allowed to go through with whatever the dispute was about.

but that is not all that happens during these times the Solstice are also great times of sorrow for these proud bears, for all the lives that were lost during the year are stored in each Tribal totem A Totem is a Shaman who has surrendered themselves to the spirits, taking on each soul as they leave from the body.

Female shaman are much more adept at the shamanistic ways of the Ursarinous people because they also give birth, to a life, to a soul for these reasons the females are much more attuned to the spirit worlds. Female shamans are the only ones to become totems, Each soul they take on is depicted by a bead or feather tied into the fur and on necklaces, the totem is the most valuable thing in any tribe because when they return to the forest for the solstice it is there that the spirits are laid to rest, allowed to go forth into nature returning to the earth they were born of it is said that these spirits are what gives the glow and thriving life to the heart of the dark forest.

-Excerpt from a historical tome of the Kodiak tribe-

"We have lost many to lack of water, heavy sand storms have blocked us in a narrow pass though try as we might, our shamans cannot sooth the savage as the first died we have Started our new totem, a young girl by the name of Shana Her hair is full of the glass beads of our fallen, but because of these souls her powers have risen greatly...she has not only calmed the storm but also brought upon us a rejuvenating rain...Truly blessed are we by the spirits to have such a powerful totem."

Fig A

((female coming sooon))

Fig B

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Jeff W

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PostSubject: Re: Birthsands Race Codex   Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:06 am

Entry II

Race; Bangaa (Lizard-anthro)
Classification; Resilient Race
Standard lifespan; 70 - 85 years
Region; Base of the Dragonroost, Birthsands
Racial traits; Very strong, and passionate - Brutal against hated foes, protective of allies
Racial Crafting preference; none

The Bangaa Are known through out Tel'savina as a short-lived, brutal race who can somehow live in the hellish places of the world. They are also a wide-spread minority; they can be found in handfuls practically anywhere in the world, yet they have not gathered in force since the days Syntarin walked with the first generation of dragons. The Baanga who live in their homeland at the base of the mountains range, called the dragonroost by some, Still live in reverance of the Dragons and their master. Perhaps it is because the Baanga Beleive that they are in some ways similar to the powerful creatures that live above them. Most often however, Baanga travel the world alone or in small Pods averaging up to fifteen members.

It is nearly impossible to tell the male and female of this specie apart; the differences are very subtle other than the Voice; and only another Bangaa can pick up on these changes, Yet it makes little difference as expectations of the individual of this race are almost the same. Bangaa usually hatch in the homeland villages. The good rule of thumb, is that the females never travel alone. The Bangaa take little or no offense if referred to as 'Bangaa'. The males and females are of similar strength, intellect, agility and aptitude for magic.

All Bangaa have two pairs of ears; The pair more forward are focused down slighty, and the pair further back are pointed up slightly. This allows them to pin-point a sound infront of them, giving them three-dimensional hearing, which make up for the Bangaa's poor eyesight. Their eyesight is severe enough sometimes that some Bangaa wear Blindfolds just to wear them.

The martial Arts of the Bangaa consist of their natural Claws, or hand-held weapons. The soldiers of their homeland Favor Spiked gauntlets, Katar, metal knuckles, and Shields as weapons; These have a similar feel to unarmed fighting which Bangaa are trained to do well before adulthood.

The magical Arts of the Bangaa consists primarily of Alchemy; the use of and mixing Natural and Magical herbs, crystals and biological componds. The bangaa Alchemists can create potions and salves which can help heal wounds, increase strength or resolve, along with other effects. The Bangaa, for unknown reasons, are themselves magically stunted and have no mages to speak of.
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Matt Damon

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PostSubject: Re: Birthsands Race Codex   Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:55 am

As you will see with all of the dragons their bodies vary as much as their color what they eat how they breath how they process it how many of them there are how they breed what their eggs are like you'll find out all of that and more in this wonderful guide to dragons in Tels'Vena
Dragon age "titles"
Hatch ling(freshly hatched-6months)
Whelp(7 months-5 yrs)
Adolescent(6 yrs-24 yrs)
Venerable 150+

Red dragons are the third smallest out of all 7 dragons The biggest of them standing all 4's to the top of their upwards stretched heads would be roughly 9-12 feet tall. They are considered the most "bestial" and "wild" of all the dragons though not incapable of speech They resort more to body language then the spoken word when communicating with one another their Appetites are ravenous many think it is because of their Aggressive attitudes but its is much more primal than that Red dragons bodies run like a furnace they devour whatever looks appetizing to them, then as it burns in the heat of their stomach it generates energy for the rest of their body Running their heart like a steam engine it is because of this simple system that these dragons have come to develop a simple system of knowing what to eat. the better it burns it will "taste good" the worse it burns it registers as the Absence of good and is therefor bad, Among the favorite meals of these dragons are actually natural gases and woods, the better it burns the better it serves them, and because the heat of their core is so intense the only waste their body generates are gases which often burst into flame because of their internal temperature. the red dragons teeth are much like a sharks, they never chew for there is no reason their digestive system does all the work, they simply bite into what they like, shake their head back and forth a few times till the proper chunk is tore away swallow it whole and continue on. As a result of their ravenous hunger Reds' tend to fly with their mouths open to catch whatever may fly in, It is well known that in the air the reds are the fastest able to pull several G's on just a few wing beats these beasts have developed Ventilation slits along their mouth and throat to allow less wind resistance when flying with their mouth open, this also aids in quick turns and pin point maneuvering unmatched by any other flight of dragons. Many believe that all these dragons do is destroy and destroy but it is all a part of a complex cycle that is integral to existence of all species on the planet When reds die they "Ash" Picking a place they find comforting they will either settle down, and fall asleep, when they die the heat rapidly dissipates causing their gorgeous Ruby/crimson scales to lose their color, withering out before finally crumbling to ash, their entire body will follow this process but because of their high consuming lives their bodies are EXTREMELY rich and the simple ash (depending on the age) can cause an entire rain forest to spring up instantaneously this is the cause for many of the oasis' in the middle of the sands no one knows when a red will die for unless slain their time will only come of their own choosing, or over consumption if a red eats to much they can over heat and burst into ash as their body is consumed in their own flame as it tries to catch up to how much they have eaten. These magnificent beasts number in the lower 200's for their entire brood of Adolescent-Venerable because when they are born they are let loose to feed for themselves this often results in over feeding and Premature Ashing for the young hatch lings.


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PostSubject: Re: Birthsands Race Codex   

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Birthsands Race Codex
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