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 Chapter I: Tels'Vena at a Glance...

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PostSubject: Chapter I: Tels'Vena at a Glance...   Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:09 am

Syn'Sol: Kingdom of Light

The mighty Kingdom of Syn’sol, Ruled by the great god King Syntarin lies in the northern Hemisphere. It’s lush and filled with grand cities that are apart of nature, creating no wastes or lasting damage to the land. The cities mainly draw the attention of people who wish to study magic and expand their knowledge in the arts. It is not uncommon to see an Order Librarium where citizens are learning to become soldiers for the wars fought in the Birthsands.

The people who inhabit this part of the world all subscribe to the belief in their King’s godhood and the belief that the world of Tels’vena was the first of his creations. Their beliefs often lead them to fight wars with the people of Adora’Luna. The citizens of Syn’sol are usually well versed in magic spells and applications. Being from all walks of life the culture that can be found in the many cities and towns is immense ranging from simple Hume architecture to intricate dances of the beast men tribes that reside in the northern hemisphere.

The creatures that roam this land are peaceful with strong ties to any who claim the land as their home. Often very intelligent these creatures find ways to adapt and contribute to any societies that build up around their homes or hunting grounds. Not to be confused with beast men the animals that wander the north are from long distinguished lines and very few claim to have fathered a cub with a human woman or vice versa.

At this time there is trouble in paradise; the people are in unrest due to decisions being made by a council of advisors to the god king Syntarin. Where could these decisions lead?


The Birthsands: Home to the Beast Tribes

The Birthsands, a place situated between the two hemispheres. Neither light nor darkness, the Birthsands act as a neutral zone. There are places in the space between that are home to the beginnings and ends of entire species of beast and Hume alike here, thus the name. The landscape is scattered in the impossible shapes of nature: Spirals of rock and wood cascade into endless rivers, buildings are built and woven into impossible cliffs and all around the entirety of existence paints the skies.

Due to the unexpected and often un-traversable landscape the Birthsands are largely populated by the beast tribes. Half Hume- half beast, they are the product of evolutionary experiments. Children of two worlds neither entirely beast nor entirely Hume they walk the line and survive. Congregating in a single mighty city these beast tribes form a subtle balance, one that balances quite literally on the edge of a sword.

To say creatures made this place their home would be an understatement. Above all other walks of life that find its beginning or ending here, The Dragons of Elementum, are by far the strongest. Dragons that hold the two hemispheres in check these great beasts are embodiments of supreme magic. No one claims to know where these dragons came from and none dare seek them out willingly, but this too is but one mystery in the Birthsands.

The current state of the Birthsands is in turmoil the once expansive vistas are now torn and bloodied by the ravages of war; unoccupied spaces of the desert have become battlegrounds for the war between the two hemispheres. Who knows when the fighting will break the frail balance holding the two worlds together?


Adora'Luna: Empire of Darkness

The Empire of Adora’Luna, the cradle of technology and the ‘True Word’. Adora’Luna is situated in the southern hemisphere. Its landscape is ravaged by a sinister intent buried deep within its core. The land is tainted purples greens and grays. Often one may ask if you see color at all as all sense of the word is drained from your sight. Twisted plains of swaying white and high peaks of the darkest obsidian stretch as far as the eye can see. The flames of civilization burn brightly in the sea of monotone as bright lights and high buildings built with man’s strength not nature. It is here that the empire rests and it is here that all secrets lie.

The citizens of Adora’Luna range from the poor deviant souls to the high noble class, both of which spread into a broad spectrum of society. The poor often sell parts of themselves for augmentations to their flesh. Metal and bone melding into one to enhance what little they have to offer, the noble class sits at the height of society often literally high above the simple deviants these people know nothing but decadence and the maddening pursuit of the forbidden knowledge of Science.

The beasts that roam this twisted land are murderous in everything they do. Cruelty and violence is the only thing these nightmares know and they exercise their knowledge whenever possible. These beasts are also treasured for their rare skins and fangs, Warriors from the world over travel to hunt these beasts in hopes of surviving to obtain a trophy of their kills. For if you can survive in Adora’Luna you are truly a beast yourself.
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Chapter I: Tels'Vena at a Glance...
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