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 Birthsands Military Generals

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PostSubject: Birthsands Military Generals   Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:29 am

name: Amilia Timber Frost
age: 150yrs
Race: Wolfkin
alliance: Birthsands
Powers: the ablitiy to transform into a large werewolf. absurdly strong
History/personal information: once the wife of the alpha in the noble Frost Wolves clan. her husband was killed by roving adora'lunian shocktroopers. being forced to lead the pack she has had to fight off challange after challange to keep her place of power within the wolves. once the call to arms was rallied by the birthmother she immediatly elected her clan and the hundreds of wolf clans under theirs to the effort. now she sits at the head of the front lines personaly running into most battles leading her warriors to victory in any campange they come across

name: Kimberly Foxhunter
age: 14
Race: Usagi
alliance: Birthsands
Powers: speedy, beserker, super strength
History/personal information: born of a usagi mother and a lion father she grew up idolizing her father and training as if she was a boy. now years later she can weild weapons greater in size and weight than she herself could normaly. with a lion's heart and a rabbit's body she dishes out pain to any who dare comment on her height.
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Birthsands Military Generals
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