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PostSubject: THE DRAGON COUNCIL!   Wed Sep 30, 2009 6:02 am

(this is the council thread reposted here to limit about of threads in the main area YAY)

Hellooo because of my recently added character to the new gah i'am sure there will be questions about the dragon council! each of them is my character (7 dragons) and i have gone about setting the dragons rules by "flights" or color if you will, now you can of course play any in-Dependant dragon you want but the Council is mine, if you would like to play one of the council dragons let me know and i'll let you know their personality and what have you

Sizes:Smallest to largest


these range from blue being roughly 8 foot when sitting down at the top of her head to green being the size of mountains one claw would be roughly 8 feet tall on kendallis each of the council members are the oldest and biggest of their flights just a general guide line for any future dragons they're the guardians of the beastmen basically, the reasons they can exist in a town at all
Blue are pixie like cheeky lil monkies =3
White are usually cold and distant
red are vicious and the most beastial of all the dragons
black are just this evil temptation /corruptor its how they roll
golds ALL of them are mutes and convey their thoughts through their feelings not all of them are happy like Liniara
Silver are some of my personal favorite they're hard stoic badasses, natural leaders and generally smart
Green would be the "best friend" kind of dragons, they're rough badasses who have your back in a fight, undyingly loyal and undoubtably helpful

yes all of the dragons are "elemental" so you're red you're fire you're green your earth nature, so on and so forth, remember just because greens are usually the biggest doesn't mean you've gotta be this moving mountain this parts really more of a guideline, with a few hard rules

oh right for silvers, they're each born to control a specific metal though they can influence all of them, they're created after syn they're the "forge" dragons ^^ the smithies and what have you

Name: Boreguard (boh-re-guard)
Age: The first creature ever created by Syn in the forging process
Alliance: Beastmen-Syn'sol
Powers: the ability to shift between Dragon and human forms, an innate influence over all metals but CONTROL over Iron, Magma breath
History: he is the oldest living being on the planet made after the idea of syntarin himself he is the patron of the Silver dragon flight aswell as the silver represenative for the Dragon council in the beast city, he is a smith beyond all compare, specialising in weaponry though it is rare for him to like someone enough to make them a weapon.

Name: Kendallis (ken-doll-iss)
Age:(the dragon council were all made the same day, just boreguard was first)
Race: dragon
Alliance: Beastmen-Syn'sol
Powers: Control of rock and nature, his breath is one of healing instead of destruction
Personality: Kendallis is the represenative of the green drakes for the council burly brawler in love with a good fight, but a deep love of life and anything living

Name: Pique (Pike)
Age: same
Alliance: Beastmen-Syn'sol
Powers: Control over water, her breath is one of two, a corrosive acid or the water that can neutralize it.
History: Pique is the represenative for the blue drakes in the council a young flitting little thing very playful and jovial best described with a "pixie" like nature

Name: Fror (F-roar)
Age: Same
Race: Dragon
Alliance: Neutral
Powers: Control over ice, his breath is thus a flury of ice, his very presence drops the temperature in the room
Personality: cold distant, his not one to meddle in the ways of others and unless the case holds a personal impact to him he'll vote the majority

Name: Yonaliastras (yawn-all-E-uh-strawz)
age: Same
Race: Dragon
Alliance: Beastmen-Adora'luna
Powers: Control over fire, fire breath, super speed
Personality: First to pick a fight, rude brash quick to anger hard to impress, thinks hes the strongest dragon until hes put in his place.

Name: Idana (eh-dawn-uh)
Age: Same
Race: Dragon
Alliance: Adora'luna-beastmen
powers: control over darkness, her breath is a life draining cloud of blackness
Personality: Dark seduction, making you do the things you never thought you would and loving every moment of it untill you're left used and broken fulfilled her needs then shes gone

Name: Liniara (Lin-E-are-uh)
age: Same
Race: Dragon
Alliance: Syn'sol-Beastmen
Powers: Control over light, her breath is completely invisible, it changes emotion into whatever she pleases
Personality: Happy content with being alive, it is infectious to those around her, she is vital in council meetings to keep everyone calm, (quirk) Golden dragons cannot speak and thus convey their thoughts through their feelings

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