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 An Introduction...

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PostSubject: An Introduction...   Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:49 am

~An Introduction to the World of Tels’Vena

Welcome, my name is Michael Owens and I am the creator of an Internet Role play under the name Gentlemen and Hotties. Right now the role play is in a stage of renewal. It is about to become another story, one of which I am eager to take part in. this guide is being written in advance of the role play in order to give the people who chose to join me in this journey a better glimpse at the world they are about to bring to life, and I can tell you it shall be a grand experience.

The World of Tels’Vena (Tells-Vee-Nah) is new and fresh. Its landscapes expand into the depth of imagination and soar into the skies of infinity. In no way is this guide complete nor is it a barrier on what you wish the world to be. Let it only be a guideline, something to give your dreams a jump start.

I should be giving you all a proper introduction to this fantastic world and so I shall. Tels’Vena is a world split between two extremes, held together by a thread that threatens to break, at one end, the southern hemisphere; the dark realm of Adora’Luna. At the other end, the northern hemisphere; the shining jewel of Syn’sol. All of this balances on the tower between them known as the Birthsands. It is in this world that the story takes place and of which this guide will explore.
Wishes for a fantastic journey,

~Michael Vance Owens
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An Introduction...
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