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 Ark's Song of the day

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PostSubject: Ark's Song of the day   Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:03 am

hey everyone, I was thinking i'd post a place to hang out and talk about the song of the day for each of us? just go ahead post the day and the song, if ya want even add an explination of why thats the song of the day and provide a link while your at it so we can all give it a listen!

today monday! I think the song of the day has gotta be "Living in a Bubble" by Eiffel 65

heres the playlist link enjoy friends:

reason for this being the song of the day? well its nice and flowing, the words just talkin about how you need to break out of that bubble and try to have a life. yeah i totaly agree with that lol!
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Ark's Song of the day
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